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What next common man?

It was a little ironic that the poster boy for the parliamentarians during the Lok Sabha debate on the Lokpal Bill was none other than Lallu Prasad Yadav. MPs cutting across party lines were probably nodding in agreement silently and … Continue reading

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Happier birthdays for some?

  Dear Rahul Gee, India has an excellent cultural practice of respecting our elders and ancestors. We all subscribe to that, observe the shraads  of our departed kinsfolk, and remember them on their birth anniversaries. There is therefore nothing wrong … Continue reading

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Orwellian Intentions – Goebbels Sibbal?

  Dear Rahul Gee, I know that you don’t have a twitter account – at least not a public one. And I also know that you are extremely busy with the UP campaign right now. But despite you preoccupation, do … Continue reading

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