Why this blog?

This blog has nothing to do with politics. It has nothing to do with ideology – left, right or centre. It is also not bound by the constraints that the media has – having to be ‘managed’ by different interest groups. It is about two things – National Interest and Common Sense. It is inspired by the former, and guided by the latter.

Who am I to talk about National Interest, may be the first question that might spring to your mind. Well, a concerned citizen of this country, with no axe to grind. What makes me think I have that uncommon commodity called common sense may be the next query. Well, the discerning reader may be the judge of that.

So, if I subscribe to no particular political ideology, why is it addressed to “Dear Rahul Gee”? Simply because you are the most visible and plausible symbol of tomorrow’s political order today. And maybe because you could do with some plain speak advice from the grassroots of the middle class jungle, shorn of dubious filters that surround you. After all, while you have been spending time with the Kalawatis of rural India, I have never read or heard about any such encounters that you may have had with middle class India.

That is not to say that I will be restricting my unsolicited advice to Rahul Gee alone. He is just my brand ambassador, and I will be dispensing advice freely and liberally.

Watch this space.

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