Why this Kolaveri Di – Please ask Harwinder Gee

Dear Rahul Gee,

You did not even need to call an all party meet. Listening to speaker after speaker speaking from either side of the parliamentary divide, it is obvious that the slapgate, or the slapping of Sharad Gee by Harwinder Gee has united politicians cutting across party lines. The last time we saw such camaraderie and solidarity amongst the usually squabbly parliamentarians was after the terrorist attack on parliament. Even then, I guess, it was a realization that their own neck was on the line that brought about the unity. So it is now. Each of our esteemed leader is probably dreading wondering when and where the next Harwinder will strike, and who will the victim be.

Interestingly, the name of Mahatma Gandhi has been invoked innumerable number of times since yesterday, on television sound bites and in parliament. There is great indignation amongst the political class – what has Gandhi Gee’s country come to? People slapping people, specially eminent people. I wonder why such people – the eminent ones – choose only to remember Gandhi Gee’s values selectively. What about his personal austerity and integrity? No one bemoans that they are not being able to live up to those standards. Forget about traveling by the lowest class on trains – even flying non-business class is infra dig (remember Cattle Class). Oh – and didn’t Gandhi Gee say something about the other cheek? Sharad Gee, you missed your chance of proving yourself to be a true adherent of the teachings of the father of the nation.

And Rahul Gee, you of all people should know that violence is sometimes unavoidable – like it was in Phulpur when an insolent young man dared to wave a black flag at your rally.

Can you blame Harwinder Gee if he says main karoon to saala character dheela hai?

Well – while the parliament debates and condemns the increasing tendency of people to vent their anger against the political class, they seem to be omitting to dwell on the most vital issue. What is the cause of that anger? Why is there such widespread approval of Harwinder’s action amongst the common people of the country?

Rahul Gee, please tell them. Instead of beating their chests and pontificating about non violence, they would do well to deliberate on what is causing this anger. In the words of the song that is a current rage (pun not intended) – Why this Kolaveri Di??

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A slap in the face – or elsewhere?

Dear Rahul Gee,

Please do convey my concern to Sharad Gee. Hope it didn’t hurt himĀ  too much – on the face.But I do hope it did cause some sensation, if not hurt, elsewhere – say in the conscience – to him, and also to lots of others.

You know what should concern you Rahul Gee? Not the reckless madcap action by one passionate, possibly misguided person. What should concern you is the general reaction – the fact that the common man backs Harvinder for slapping Pawar, wants it repeated. The spontaneous reaction of the common man is an indicator of his (or that of the common woman of her) extreme dissatisfaction and anger with the state of affairs. Here is one of the comments by one such common person –

This is NOT an attack on Mr.Pawar but a slap on the Govt which has been testing the patience of common man for quite a long time.Mr.Pawar has not been able to deliver the goods properly..look at the SC ‘s comments on food grains,deaths of farmers even in his own state etc.Still no solutions have been found for the farmers’ deaths.Why does Dr.MMS is still keeping him as agri Minister..for his Govt to survive? Though not justifying this incident,Indian common is better when compared to people of some west asian countries. So this incidence is only beginning for Govt to wake up. Will it wake up?

Just before the political brethren of other political dispensations start rubbing their hands together and planning political mileage, here is another reaction that should make them pause and ponder –

GOOD JOB, HARVINDER, JUST REPEAT IT.. Slap another rat & cat.. Gulam,Lalu & Sonia..Hindusthan is with U…

It is also a slap in the face of the combined opposition – left and right. The common person has obviously little faith in your yatras, morchas and bandhs.

Rahul Gee, is it time to call an all party meet?

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Actions speak louder than words

Dear Rahul Gee,

You say, “I am ready to give it in writing that I’ll change the face of the state if you vote the Congress to power. I want to see it as the most developed state,”

Wonderful sentiment. and great commitment. But the question that rises in my mind is – why wait for UP to elect your party to power? Your party already have state governments independently and in coalition in many states. Why not let your actions speak louder than words and showcase how these states have performed vis a vis states ruled by other parties? Won’t that sound more convincing – concrete proof of proven track record, rather than dreamy rosy promises of the future?

Actually, and unfortunately, the track record is not so encouraging. As per the statement made by Mr Ashwani Kumar, Minister of state for Planning, in the parliament – only five state have exceeded their growth targets in the 11th Plan – Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Punjab and – wait a minute – Uttar Pradesh! Interestingly, only one out of these five is ruled by your party. Manje all the other states where your party forms the government have not even met their growth targets in 11th Plan.

So on what basis are you making these tall promises to the people of UP? What magic will you perform once you come to power there?

Dear Rahul Gee, my unsolicited advice to you is that please live up to your image of being different – being a change agent. This is what excites people, attracts them toward you. But if you too resort to empty rhetoric and tall promises, the charm will soon wear off.

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